Sunday, 19 October 2008


I have been working on a rather large commission which was to make dolls to represent the client and her husband and three daughters, one of which died at birth, tricky, yes, but to my great relief they loved the finished result.
There were alot of new challenges for me in this commission, one being to make a MAN doll. I was given a brief to work to and some materials which meant something to each, it was a lovely project to do.
The girls were alot of fun to do, with their hairstyles and punky clothes.

The golden leggins of this doll were made from a gold metallic ribbon that came from a confectionary business my clients grandfather owned years ago, quite precious and very tricky to work with.

The baby doll I found the hardest task of all. I didn't want angel wings, so little butterfly wings were made. The little strawberry hat and stripey socks were the only two things my client bought during the pregnancy, she wanted the doll to wear these things, the money thing was wanted to represent her name, Luca, not a choice I would have made, I can't ever imagine what it's like to lose a child...........

I've yet to make the pet cat and rabbit, which will be done soon.
My client, herself, is a maker of the most amazing mozaics, so, in part payment I am having my children's hands made.I love having makers work around me, but being a poor maker myself this is the only way I can do it. I don't mind being poor, but I do love being surrounded by lovely things, don't you?