Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Hello there! Atlast, I have managed to find the time to blog. The christmas illustrations are posted to wish you all the best wishes and seasons greetings, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I am looking forward to 2008, this year has been a stinker for me, but hey! my cup runneth over today! I am a happy girl, I realise how lucky I really am....It has been very busy here in the Hutchinson household, three christmas markets, two christmas plays , a teenage birthday party and a partridge in a pear tree, lol. Once I get George's birthday under my belt everything seems so much more relaxed. I think it's the stress of trying to make his birthday special and seperate from all the christmas activities.
I've put in some pics of the decs, like so many of you, we do love decorating the house for christmas, it's lovely rediscovering things we have forgotten about at the bottom of the box. I shall post some pics of the children's christmas tree and some other things in my next post. I always manage to leave something up each year, like the little berry garland around the mirror, I think it's a shame to take everything down, Andy is always there as a sobering influence though, boo!
We went to see George in his school play last Friday. He played King Herod, he cut a fine figure in his costume. As you can see from the pics, they really go to town on it, lovely it was too. George was great, we were very proud of him.
Poppy's play was called, 'It's A Baby!' and she was one of a troop of lovely angels,very cute and very funny. I shall post a photo I have ordered from the school, it's funny and ripe for a caption so I may well take the opportunity to do my first giveaway/compertition based on this, so keep checking over the christmas period. It's time to step back on to the merry go round, myself and George have been roped in to putting the party food out for Poppy's class. The teacher said there was a chance we would meet Father Christmas! I thought it was an opportunity I couldn't miss, I'll try and slip him my wish list when Mrs. Hawkins isn't looking, well! it's worth a try, don't you think? Have a great weeek y'all, Annie xx

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Well hello there!!! this is a very short but I hope sweet post. I am becoming totally aware that I am not fulfilling my blogging duties at the moment. My window of opportunity to blog seems to have deteriorated to the size of a pin head, but am determined , as for my tummy, to pull it all in for christmas. I have some pics of the christmas decs and some other bits and bobs to share with you, but for now I will leave you with our lovely snow globes and music boxes , I love these, and we try to get a new one each year, the Harry Potter castle one was this years addition, the Hogwarts train goes round when the tune plays, ace.........
I would like to ask you one question if I may? are you a cup half full or a cup half empty sort of person? Mine is definately teeterin on the half empty side at the moment. Any funny Christmas stories? would be gratefully recieved.
Hope everyone is well and happy, Best Wishes to you all, Annie xxxxxxxxxxx