Monday, 22 October 2007


Hi there everyone, how are you all today? fine and dandy I hope. I am all alone here this morning so I thought I would take the time to share a bit of my world with you.
I thought I would share some images of what used to be our dining room, it is now a kind of entrance hall ( we enter the house straight into this room ) come chill out room.This room has it's work cut out for it, for this is where myself and Andy sleep also. This is truly lovely at christmas time, with all the decorations, it's like being in santa's grotto!

One of my favourite films of all time is 'Great Expectations'. My favourite scene is the one where we meet the tragic Miss. Haversham in her tomb like room where time has stood still after being left at the alter by her bloke. I've always loved that room and would love one just like it, my mother would probably say that I was well on my way to achieving this , as you can see from the fireplace, I seem to live with small towers of books, sketchbooks , letters etc. where I can get to them as easily as possible. I think it must drive Andy mad, but he lives with it all the same, bless him.

The things I cherish the most, besides my family ofcourse, are the old painted photographs of my great grandparents that watch over us from above the piano. Their lovely arn't they? Yet again, my wonderful great aunts dragged them out from under the stairs at 'Maes yr Ronen', the old family home, and entrusted them to me. I was in my twenties at the time, and I had never set eyes on them before this day, I fell in love with them and there is not a day goes by that I don't look at them . The piano also came from them, infact, there is alot of 'Maes yr Ronen' here in Stroud. We are also in the process of changing our house name to this, in memory of Auntie Bett, who sadly left us in July. All the old photos are from them, and I couldn't be without them, not for anything.

So, as you can see, our house is not exactly " Kath Kidston", nor would I ever want it to be.

On a final note, unlike Miss. Haversham, I did marry my love, and on Saturday we celebrated our 17th wedding Anniversary!!!!! We have been together for 21 years and it don't seem a day too long.
Our wedding day was a lovely autumn event with just fifty guests and Andy's dad, who is a vicar married us in his lovely little church. My sister made us a fabulous antique looking three tier wedding cake, and all the gorgeous food was made by my mother-in -law. the reception was in the vicarage, it was truly lovely.
I wore a 1944 ration book wedding dress which I bought for the pricely sum of £16 from an antique dealer in Bath. Sadly, last year, we had a pipe burst and all the water was caught in the box carrying my dress and flowers (which were dried). the dress could not be rescued, it was covered in rust marks, and so, I sadly threw it away. I salvaged the headress, but it's a bit green . Still, I have the photos and the memories. Did you get married? what did you wear?xx

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Hi friends! It feels like a heck of a long time since I posted a blog. You have to forgive me, can someone tell me who turned the speed up? days seem to be flyin by and I want to stop now and get off, PLEASE!Poppy is coming up to half term, as you can see from the pics there's been alot for the dear heart to contend with and she's not even full time yet!nor will she be until we feel she's ready. We are lucky, the school are very open to under five's being part time, thank goodness..... besides the tiredness, Pops is havin an absolute blast! and loves Mrs. Hawkins her teacher with a passion ( I feel quite jelous :( )
As for me? I seem to have the occasional meltdown.There are a number of reasons for this,
1. I think I'm getting seperation anxiety.
2. The school system is doing my head in.
3. The pressure to get back out there and earn a few beans.
4. My pre-occupation with making these dolls in the hope of making said beans.
5. the postal strike! well, I have to blame someone don't I :)

I have a few things in the pipeline , I really must get a grip though. I want to set up an etsy shop, do any of you know or have dealings with etsy? any advice would be more than generously received.I hope the flippin post is sorted out! my poor dolls are awaiting some hair, poor things. I will do a post on the dolls ,How?why?when? etc. when I'm not such a wreck. Glad to see Kat ( Kat-in-a-flap ) back blogging, and I shall be comin to visit you all one by one to see whats happening. Night, Night, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 4 October 2007


We had our first fire last night. I had been looking forward to the first one for weeks and it did not disappoint. The only trouble was, after having a hot chocolate I found myself gazing dreamily into said fire and not doing the sewing I should have been. Next thing I know, it's midnight!! I had fallen into a deep sleep curled up with Andy sleeping by my side, what a lovely first fire...... Have you had your first fire ?