Sunday, 13 July 2008


I think this is one of my favourite pics of Pops, it was around the time of her 2nd birthday, a glorious age, little did I know how much fun was still ahead of us.........
Now I am 5! here she is, my angel. How time flies when your having fun. I can't believe how she has grown in three years. I love her spirit and how she reacts if she thinks an injustice has been done and her motherly ways, in one so young. Mostly, I love her slapstick humour, it gets me every time.........
This was Pops birthday party, mmmm, rain and mud, mud and some more rain. We put the family tent up in the garden and decorated with balloons, banners and streamers, lots of games were played and food was devoured, they loved the mud and playing football. Pops thought it was wonderful....... Phew!
So happy you had a great birthday peaches, I look forward to many many more,
We All LOVE you baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Meet May Fly, she is a fairy I've made for a customer's daughter. I have not made a fairy before. I decided to make her a butterfly fairy, with butterfly wings. I have a thing for winged creatures, birds, butterflies, dragonflies. It's started me off now, I'll be throwing wings on everything !!!!
It is the final week of school, while I am both relieved and excited about having six weeks with my babies, I also wonder how on earth I can keep them busy and happy during this time AND work on a large commission too, Help! any tips? It usually takes us a week or two to get into a rhythm that feels good for us all. We are going camping down in Fowey in Cornwall the last week of July, please let it be dry :)
I shall leave it at that for now, night night xx


Cowboys & Custard said...

Your beautiful little butterfly is growing up into such a sweetie..
She has that wonderful glint in her eye just like her Ma!
Of course the sun will shine for you Annie.. I have ordered some for you..
Happy happy hols!

With love

Gena said...

Happy Birthday Poppy! she is delightful Annie! Oh yes, the six weeks hols!I had sort of planned an Enid Blyton summer,however it largely depends on the good old British weather,we may end up with a tent in the dining room as opposed to the garden!LOL!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a sweetheart - belated happy birthday to her! Your fairy doll is lovely - I'm looking forward to seeing them "in the flesh" at the Vintage & Handmade Fair!

funkymonkey said...

First time visiting your blog - it's a lovely read. Hope your daughter had a good Birthday.

Kitschen Pink said...

beautiful fairy! I have no idea how to work with children at home - it seems I always end up working at 2am! t.xx