Thursday, 4 October 2007


We had our first fire last night. I had been looking forward to the first one for weeks and it did not disappoint. The only trouble was, after having a hot chocolate I found myself gazing dreamily into said fire and not doing the sewing I should have been. Next thing I know, it's midnight!! I had fallen into a deep sleep curled up with Andy sleeping by my side, what a lovely first fire...... Have you had your first fire ?


Country Cottage Chic said...

There's nothing like it is there!

Yes, we've had a few fires - we are burning the floorboards! And before you think we've gone mad or broke, they are the old rotten floorboards we took out in January when we redid the kitchen & tiled the floor. They've been drying out nicely all summer & we are now recycling them into firewood.

But it's really warmed up again here so no fires at the moment.

Gena said...

Oh Annie how cosy your home looks! No we have not had our fire on yet, though we did light the chimnea when tidying up the garden at the weekend, it smelt like Autumn!

heddy said...

Weather cool enough for a fire in the fireplace would be heaven. We have had the air conditioning on since May or June, round the clock!! Your fire looks cosy and inviting!!
a reader from texas

Mary said...

Oh yes but not a real one only gas I'm afraid its beautiful here today Sunshine but nippy if you know what I mean Lovely autumn

Deanna said...

Hi Annie, I wish I was sitting by a roaring fire but instead I'm sitting here roasting in the hot Texas sun! I simply cannot wait until we get some cold weather here. It is positively scorching! Sometimes it seems ridiculous here in Central Texas to have fireplaces but I guess once in a blue moon we do get some ice.

Have a great day!
Deanna :)

jules said...

yes, we have fitted a log burner in the barn and even though it isn't cold here yet we are lighting it every day to air the barn out before we move in at christmas.


cd&m said...

Nothing beats a real fire for relaxation does it?

oldflowers4me said...

oh yes we are still having fires at night here in australia as the night's are still cool-our pond is filling up and we have frogs -calling out at night- it so sweet-we are going into spring, our foxgloves are out everywhere-i would love to share a pot of tea with you my dear friend- happy saturday. la la la love jo.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hello Annie,
Just discovered your blog via country cottage chic. Your fire looks very inviting. We have a gas fire at the moment but are keen to have it taken out. We used to have a real fire and I just loved it, nothing beats it as far as I am concerned.
May I visit you again, it's been a pleasure?

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hello Annie,
I could do with curling up beside that fire with some tea and a slice of your lovely cake.
I think your home always looks so inviting and I scan every picture carefully in case I miss a cup,a jug or a pretty picture your taste is so like mine eclectic but each peice so perfect like bits of a jigsaw and each one holding a memory,
thanks for your concern,I'm on the mend,hope you are all well and that Poppy and George are enjoying school,
Luv Kat x