Saturday, 13 October 2007


Hi friends! It feels like a heck of a long time since I posted a blog. You have to forgive me, can someone tell me who turned the speed up? days seem to be flyin by and I want to stop now and get off, PLEASE!Poppy is coming up to half term, as you can see from the pics there's been alot for the dear heart to contend with and she's not even full time yet!nor will she be until we feel she's ready. We are lucky, the school are very open to under five's being part time, thank goodness..... besides the tiredness, Pops is havin an absolute blast! and loves Mrs. Hawkins her teacher with a passion ( I feel quite jelous :( )
As for me? I seem to have the occasional meltdown.There are a number of reasons for this,
1. I think I'm getting seperation anxiety.
2. The school system is doing my head in.
3. The pressure to get back out there and earn a few beans.
4. My pre-occupation with making these dolls in the hope of making said beans.
5. the postal strike! well, I have to blame someone don't I :)

I have a few things in the pipeline , I really must get a grip though. I want to set up an etsy shop, do any of you know or have dealings with etsy? any advice would be more than generously received.I hope the flippin post is sorted out! my poor dolls are awaiting some hair, poor things. I will do a post on the dolls ,How?why?when? etc. when I'm not such a wreck. Glad to see Kat ( Kat-in-a-flap ) back blogging, and I shall be comin to visit you all one by one to see whats happening. Night, Night, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


jules said...

hi there, jules here sorry no posts for a while, vertigo is giving me jip also we are trying to have a big push to be in the barn for christmas din dins. Sorry you are feeling a bit topsy turvy yourself, my eldest daughters little boy also started this term and she too doesn't know whether shes arthur or martha it does pass, but I can also understand you worrying about the school system it has such an effect on our little ones and it is out of our control. um does that makes us mums control freaks oh well someone has to be in charge it may as well be us.
hope to be blogging properly soon

take care

jules xx

cd&m said...

Your dolls are lovely even though they are still bald. Haven't tried etsy ourselves but have picked up a few tips from reading other bloggers posts. So here goes.
1. Don't list a load of things all at once because apparently recently listed items are shown for a short period of time.
2. To take advantage of this list little and often, one blogger suggested everyday.
3. Add other etsy shops to your favs in the hope that they will do the same for you.
4. Promote, promote, promote.
5.Visit the forum.
Hope this helps.
You might also want to try offering your dolls for sale via the blog, I noticed that Jane of Posy has said that she is going to follow this route with her stuff rather than going the etsy route. I think you should try everything you can personally.
Soon be half term and you can have a bit of a break.

cd&m said...

Me again! re. promotion you might want to join Brit Blog, Caton Darling and Moore have just been accepted I must do a post about it. Take a look here

Country Cottage Chic said...

Poppy is just precious - going to school is so tiring when you're only a little thing.

Looking forward to seeing your completed dolls - they look fab.

Deanna said...

Hang in there! Your talent will see you through. Poppy is such a dollie!

Deanna :)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Annie
I am a learner blogger from the south west and love your honest and wholesome blog..
It certainly brings back memories of my own darling boy when he started school.. I don't know who was more emotional wrought.. well me I suppose. That was 10 years ago and it seems a blink of an eye.
Do you sell your dolls in Stroud? We sometimes venture out that way..
Lovely to meet you.

Gena said...

Oh how sweet is Poppy! and you are so clever Annie, those dolls are amazing,you will have no bother selling them,I have a website(vintage themed) and would happily put them on there for you? just a thought, but of course I understand if you would rather sell them on your blog.Also I know how you are feeling, I feel on a bit of a downer too,perhaps its the time of the year,last weeks crisp sunny days have been replaced by dark drizzle! hmmph!

Holly Woods said...

Hi Annie,
Love your photo's!!
My blog will be starting soon.
Then you can see who I am:)))

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hello Hun,
I will look like one of your dolls soon !!!!LOL
The therapy makes me feel sooooo sick but I am determined to try to get back to normal.My hair isn't falling out yet and it might not but I keep checking the pillow.
I would love to buy a doll for MK,if you have a paypal account I can e mail you some money.
Poppy looks like an angel and boy do I know what you mean about feeling anxious.I text Johnathan several times a day !!!
It's definately Autumn here and I finally lit my fire !!!
Kat xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Annie
Regarding Etsy..
I have got an Etsy shop but have sadly neglected it for months and not added anything new..
It is very easy to set up and is a lot less complicated than the blogging set up! Just mail me if you would like anymore info..
Etsy is a fabulous place to find witty and wonderous items! I love it!
Enjoy the day.. it is a beauty!

Holly Woods said...

Hi Annie,
Please join me in the "waiting" game.
Holly x