Saturday, 16 February 2008


Well HI! How is everyone out there? Hope you are all fine and dandy, isn't the weather fab? the sun shines as I sit here writing this, I should really be out there sorting out the garden and things but I felt I had neglected my blog for far too long.
Life is great at the moment, I felt 2008 was going to be a good year, and so far it sure is living up to my expectations. I am incredibly busy, what with general things round here and having my big boy off all this week has been an added dimension ( Poppy's off next week! ) , I am working for an exhibition in May and have committed myself to doing the Stroud 2008 open studios at the begining of June, yeek! This might not seem much to the onlooker , but behind the scenes it's meggar. You see dear readers, my studio sits in the garden, and both studio and garden need a massive overhaul. I have not been able to use my lovely 14ft by 7ft work space for as long as I can remember, and the garden, well, last year was lousy for doing anything of any worth out there. But there's nothing like a deadline to make you shift your butt. Andy says he'll sort out the work out there and that I should concentrate on making, he's my rock and I love' im dearly.
Talking of love, may I wish all you lovelies out there a belated Valentines Day, I hope you had a lovely one, this blog is dedicated to the theme of love, and so I have posted some heart shaped things I have been working on this week.
This Peirrot heart I made for a friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Lianne, another friend asked me to teach her how to felt, and so, my taste for felting has been re-kindled after a break of a few years, although I have been using felt on some of my dolls. These hearts are made using hand felted merino wool and various bits and bobs.
This one is larger, and I finally found a use for my black crow print that has been sitting in my sewing box .

Finally, I thought I would show you ' Pandora The Pug Lover', I think she has a certain romance about her. Pandora has gone to live with a very lovely lady, and I hope they will be very happy together. Do you like the pink pugs running along the hem of her skirt?
I have quite alot to show and tell , the most challenging being a cd set with plinky - plonky music ( this is what we call it, it's victorian music box music ) it is a record of my work so I can send to prospective shops and galleries. I hope to find a way of putting a link off my blog so you can see it, but thats for another day!
I hope to do a post showing before and after pics of my studio and garden, I think it will most definately be a bumpy ride, but how exciting!!
Have a lovely stress free weekend, Annie x


Cowboys & Custard said...

How lovely to see you back to blogging Annie.. I thought you had been busy and in your absence you have made some gorgeous items.. those hearts are to be loved.. and I do!!!
Hope all is going well in sunny Glos... hope to talk soon..
Enjoy your hols with your lovely family.

Lots of love

cd&m said...

Hi Annie, nice to see you posting again. Hope we are going to see the transformation of your studio & garden here on the blog. Your latest doll is spendid I'm sure she will be adored by her new ownerwho will no doubt be the envy of all!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Pandora is just wonderful! I'm so sad I missed your lovely to pout a while now....