Monday, 11 August 2008


I have found myself, on returning from our phantom holiday, wandering around the cottage making mental lists of "things to do". The list is sadly endless at this point in time. One job desperate for attention was Pop's room.
When Pops came along, all her worldly possessions could fit into one small vintage nursery trunk that I had found during my student days, as with George, five years on, storage has been a major issue. Toys filled the said trunk and toppled out spreading chaos all over the floor. A few months ago we were preparing my wren house studio and discovered shelves at Ikea perfect in every way, especially the price, £29! Ikea come to the rescue yet again, we buy a set for Pop's and I spend a whole day sorting through , baggin , shelvin, binin. I was so pleased with the result and I think Pops was too, she could find things she forgot she had and her bedroom seems twice the size now. We also bought a stack of wicker baskets which did the trick in containing all the annoying little bits like yoyos, bouncy balls, musical toys etc. Result!!
The bed cost us £32 from a bric-a-brac shop in Brecon, it's very shabby, but as they say, it's chic! it's covered in an old fifties patchwork i bought off an antique dealer friend and an old welsh quilt I had in exchange for some sewing repairs.
We hung some pictures and found a use for some old dummy boards I'd made a lifetime ago, brightening up some corners. The bunnykins clock was a christening gift for George, and a favourite of ours.

I do like a bargain but I have been known to spend a bit on toys, saying that, the children only have them at Christmas and birthdays, so we feel justified. I think it's important that George and Pops should value what they receive, being a maker myself, workmanship and quality is important to me and I want things to last, as heirlooms, they might even be the antiques of the future, that would be lovely....

This is the dolls house we got Pops a few years ago, as a child I always wanted one, so obviously I couldn't wait to get this for her, there's something magical about life in miniature don't you think?Pops plays out all life's scenarios with the little people living inside.
The painting was done by someone at college the same time as me, I think it was a swap. It's quite naive, but I love it for this reason, it's perfect in this room.
This Noah's Arc is made by 'East of India', again, simple and naive but robust enough for heavy duty playing with ( even though a label states it is not a toy).
The plan is to paint the draws and cupboards with a lovely eggshell paint, but I can't decide on the colour, any ideas?
Oh well, enough of my waffling, I must be off, I have that mental list to deal with.
I do hope the sun shines on you wherever you are today. Annie x


Ragged Roses said...

I love Pops room - it has so much character! Love the bed and quilt and the mix of old and new. What a wonderful room to have fun in.

Things Hand Made said...

Its a lovely room. I agree with spoliling them at christams and birthdys aswell. I figure that as I have to live with the toys( and pick them up) that they should be nice wooden things to enjoy.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Would you care to adopt me Annie? I would love a room as pretty as that and the bed is a real find!!
Please drop by as I have an award for you..
Hope you have managed to enjoy your holiday at home!

Michele xx

oldflowers4me said...