Monday, 15 December 2008


I love this time, Mid December when potentially, the ***t hits the fan. I find it quite exciting trying to juggle with various festive events,doing lists,food lists, gift lists, card lists , lists of lists etc. etc.You know where I'm coming from? oh good, I'm not alone. There is also a birthday list, our George is fourteen on the 17th December.

I have been trying to get some last bits of work done for the Christmas markets , my little wren house is soooo cold at the moment, I'm being a wimp, doing it in comfort in front of a roaring fire, but look at the conditions I have to work under.............Needle felting with a soporific cat firmly attached to my lap-he's nearly come a cropper on more than one occasion.

Our tree went up on Saturday evening , it was lovely to at last see the vintage baubles I bought a month ago in their rightful place, the pics do not do them justice, the tree looks lovely, looks like the trees of my childhood, I'm so pleased....

A night shot of the children's tree which sits on the piano

I shared a table at the Farmer's Market Christmas market with my friend Mandy on Saturday.It poured with rain until about 11am but I love doing this event each year, it feels festive and I love talking to the people. The time flew but my toes took an age to thaw out when I got home.
We have the cold and flu bug buzzing around here at the moment, and as I write this, my son is sat cuddling up, having a day off school, also, the man of the house has fallen by the wayside.Just us girls left standing, you watch, mine will come in time for the Saturday market, hey ho!!
This brings me appropriately to my Christmas giveaway, something to snuggle under a lovely warm blanket with, a Green and Blacks hot chocolate and a dvd of a great christmassy vintage movie,'The Bishops Wife' , Cary Grant, what more could a girl want? Sorry, the welsh tapestry blanket is not included, it's very much in use right now.
All you have to do is come say Hi, it's as simple as that, I will get birthday boy to pick a number out of the party hat on the evening of the 19th Dec at 6pm. I need to get it off to the winner asap so they can enjoy a pre-christmas evening with our Mr. Grant.
I'm off now to mop some brows. Do hope you are keeping well out there, Annie xxxx


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Please count me in for this one. An afternoon snuggled up on the sofa with the cats by my side and the dog on my feet, all that it needs to make it perfect is an old nostalgic movie.

ginny said...

Hi Annie x
Hope your boys recover soonand that you girls don't get it. Your tree looks great. We are way behind and i agree i like the excitement but the lists stress me out a little.. that is when i write them all. pressies under control almost but card list and food lists are still pending.
I too have been working inside more as the garden studio (need to think of a good name for it) is a tad frosty and i get so cold just sitting and working despite the layers and extra socks.. and snow boots.
What a lovely giveaway.. i shall keep my fingers crossed.
with love to you.
Ginny x
p.s Happy Birthday to George!

sue15cat said... your blog. Your stall looked fabulous. Hope it was a good day and worth getting the frozen toes for.

Sue xx

Pamela said...

Just had to say 'hi' when I say your little table in the pic cos I've got one just like it! Would love to win the giveaway - don't remember having seen that film. Happy Christmas to you and your family

Simone said...

The photos are lovely especially the beautifully decorated biscuits and the gorgeous cat. Every lap needs a cat! Your house is looking very Christmassy and warm. Please enter me for the giveaway. I am in need of a DVD and a good mug of hot choc right now!

cocoa and blankets said...

Thanks for dhe loveldy message yestersay. Thid is mord of a groan and a sneeze and a cough thand a home knitting baby hads and watching re runds of Life on Mards achoo to read pinch nose to give accurate sound of lady with bunged up nose

funkymonkey said...

Your decorations are looking great and your house looks soooo cosy. I'd love to win your giveaway!


beck said...

Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and hope the festive season is good to you! (Would love to win your giveaway..does it include a return airticket from Australia?)x

julia said...

Wishing you a very happy and cosy Christmas and a very happy birthday to George, hope he feels better soon!
Haven't even written my cards yet, or considered what food to buy. Never mind we'll all get there in the end!
Please count me in for the giveaway.
Julia xx

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl from across the ocean-merry christmas to you and yours......singing and skipping-jo.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh - just the thing for a cold winter's day - do count me in Annie!

Your tree looks very beautiful with your vintage decs - just up my street. Hope the boys are feeling a bit better & the girls resist all attempts by the bugs to catch them too!

BusyLizzie said...

Hi Annie
Sorry we didn't get more time to chat at the fair last month... love your blog... wonderful vintage Christmas tree.. gorgeous cat (mine "help" when I am working too!).. and I know just what you mean about bloomin lists & lists of stuff at this time of year!!!
Lizzie x

nimblejacks said...

I love your snoozing cat. mine always comes and sits right in front of me to let me know she's there! If I put the tiniest bit of fabric on the floor as a test yep she sits right on it! Flu has hit here too with my 5 yr old up all night with a temp of 39.8!!! Feverish ramblings about bees in his room and a grumpy hubby up all night. Still we made biccies and they're enjoying a lovley bath right now!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh dear oh dear.. somehow I managed to lose a week out of my life and miss your wonderful giveaway..
I do hope you haven't succumbed to the bug Annie and you aren't still mopping fevered brows and administering horse liniment to the aching limbs..!?
Just popping by to wish you and your dear family a very Merry Festive hols.. and a very happy and healthy 2009..
Congratulations to Funky Monkey....!
With love and hugs Michele xxx