Saturday, 29 September 2007


Hi there everyone! hope your all enjoying your weekend? Thought I would share some pics with you, this is what we've been doing today. Getting ready for the winter months. It's a bit sad but also very comforting, the thought of those cosy winter evenings infront of the fire doing my arts and crafts, feeling safe and warm in our little stone cottage while the winter reveals itself outside.Do you get it? maybe I'm just trying to be optimistic, I don't like the dark evenings though...
This is Andy hacking back the ivy, it had got a bit mad, he shouldn't really be doing it, it sets off his hayfever for some reason.
This is moi, picking apples before they rot. I really think I should have worn my ' Platex ' girdle, country girls are all the same!! (arn't they?oh... )

Here are the apples, they've made it as far as the kitchen. What now? I hear you asking, maybe chutney?, maybe jam?, a crumble?, Andy keeps muttering something about cider, yeah right! Maybe tomorrow? we might just eat them as they are with some bread and cheese, sounds good to me. Have a great evening xxxxxxx.


Gena said...

Hi Annie! you dont need a playtex girdle dafty! you look lovely! and so does your kitchen! straight out of country living,My Mam has an apple tree and I have had a bowl of apples in my kitchen for a week now! I keep saying "tomorrow I will bake" but time is of the essence isnt it? and yes I do know what you mean about the winter evenings,its a good time to light lots of candles and get crafty!Lovely post, Gena xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

I've only got a baby apple tree but my neighbour has loads so we have a constant supply for pies, chutneys, eating & feeding to the pony.

Let us know what you do with them & you look so countryfied out there picking!

oldflowers4me said...

well, hello dear 1- i came by to share my pot of jasmine tea with you- your world is sweet divine- its spinning- hay i just read where you live gloustershire- i know it a big place but my (heart)best friend lives there as well, wait a min im looking up what part shes from- ok - found it- newnham- is that near you-la la la , love jo anderson. p.s dont forget to put your lip stick on...

Mary said...

Annie, love your kitchen, bet your entire cottage is adorable. Hope Andy's allergies are Ok after all the ivy pruning - it makes my arms itch when I have to trim back in the garden.

Yes, readying for Autumn/Winter over here too - cut down all the Summer vegs. today - no more garden tomatoes or beans! Like you though, I'll be happy tucked up by the fire enjoying another season - after my trip home to Devon in just a couple of weeks!!
Have a great week and please order sunshiney, rain-free days for my stay, thanks!!

cd&m said...

Playtex girdle indeed! You daft thing they are lovely photographs and the apples look delicious.

jules said...

looks delicious, don't you think it funny how we all have certain events that signal, summer, winter etc It's like certain smells that remind you of a special someone or a special place. I have been stewing our apples for crumbles through the winter, friends of ours have brought a small apple press and have been making juice. Autumn, I love it pumpkins and all the leaves turning remind me of my walk to school when I was small. Memories, where would we be without them ?


Wild Rose said...

Hi Annie

Apple crumble sounds good to me ~ my favourite.

I found your lovely blog via cd&m. Will visit again..

Marie x

Mary said...

Love stewed apple. Hoping to get some from my brothers trees this weekend

oldflowers4me said...

annie, i had to come back over to see you- ive brought my pot of jasmine tea to share- now tell me do you know of a jeweller named jan fryer- she makes love hearts in silver, she must live some where near jo...

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh my goodness! Your skirt is DIVINE!!!!!!!! Your gorgeous in that skirt!!!!!Your home is so cozy as well! I love it!

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