Saturday, 3 November 2007


Autumn is such a beautiful time of year isn't it? Half term arrived along with our children's eagerness to be entertained. They had spent a glorious weekend with their grandparents and Tuesday morning breakfast was spent defending myself from questions like " what are we doing today?" and " we are not staying home all day are we?". I have to confess to getting a little bit hot under the collar, and we all exited to our own little rooms to lick our wounds.
This is when I realised that there was NO WAY we were going to spend such a fabulous day wallowing in our self pity, so I decided we should take a rucksack with some food and head off on a grand adventure, when put to the children in such a way how could they refuse?
So off we went, much happier and relieved to be on our merry way, full of expectation of what we might encounter in the woods on our way down the Slad valley.
I felt top of the blinkin world, walking with my two through those woods. It was cool and smelt wonderful and the sun shone further down the valley so it was quite dark, but somehow it was comforting. We all found our sticks and searched as we walked for any hidden treasures.
The two pics at the top are the view over the Slad valley from the wood. The one with the cow was taken while we sat and ate our sandwiches and bananas, what a view....
We met only one old man on our journey but we made two new special friends, two Gloucestershire old spot piglets who live in a lovely little bit of the wood, they followed us as far as they could. Poppy was overjoyed and helped them dig in the undergrowth with her trusty stick.
We walked for nearly three hours! I was very impressed that Poppy did it, towards the end I did have to promise hot chocolate, jam tarts and snow white ( and that was just for me, lol ).
It was a lovely adventure and needless to say there was peace at last in the Hutchinson camp.ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Gena said...

Oh Yeah! I hear you Annie! keeping the troops happy in the hols is no mean feat! however it is great to get out and about, and dont you feel so much better for it afterwards? lovely pics and what a fantastic view!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hurrah.. you're back.. so good to hear from you again Annie..
Your walk in the woods sounds like a perfect day.. and has made me long to live in a more rural setting.. I love my home but it would be so nice to step out into the scenery in your photos.. we are off on a tromp today.. not sure where but I need to kick some leaves! Have a lovely weekend..

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely adventure - nothing like fresh air, food & piglets for a fun day!

Tracy said...

sounds and looks like a perfect day x
well done to the little ones for walking for so long x
tracy x

cd&m said...

Nothing like the woods in atumn.

jules said...

hi annie have been over to england for hols, went down to new forest but halfway through my daughter was ill so had to cut things short, I haven't been posting as the computer upsets my vertigo. back now and renovating like mad.


buttercup & roses said...

I had a walk in the woods last Sunday, I had the most lovely time too! And just think it didn't cost a penny and its good for you..We really should do more of this walking lark!lol!!

Jennier x