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Hi everyone, or anyone who may be stopping by. I must say, I don't seem to be having many visitors of late, probably due to my lack of posting due to these maidens. I have been all out producing these one off hand made dolls, I really enjoy making them but find it hard work juggling this with being Mammy and tending to daily chores, how to get the balance? as much as I try I am failing miserably in my quest as super woman, How about you? any tips would be gratefully received,lol. I really miss the blogging too, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can join everyone else in the excitement of festive shinanagins ( don't know if it is spelt right, but hey, it looks a good word ).
I took my dolls on their first adventure today. I took them to ' The Brewery Arts Centre' in Cirencester to see if they could spend some time in the shop there. It went ok, but the commission is scary, it works on a 40:60 basis,oh poo!! It's hard being a maker. It's a possibility next year, but she did like them, which was great for my self esteem I can tell you. I find that I busy away at making something and kinda lose sight as to wheather the things are working or not. Lets face facts here, I'm a maker not a business woman. I also took them to a fantastic little shop called 'Just Maud', if your ever in Cirencester you really must go see. Annie the owner is lovely and sells all sorts of wonderful clothes , jewellery, altered art etc. etc., she is incredibly lovely because she is taking two of my dolls on sale or return to display in her Christmas window!! I'm chuffed, but again the mark-up is too much. I will be amazed if I sell, but two of the girls get to spend a bit of time in that wonderful shop. Annie gave me a few contacts to follow up in London, which was great, but I don't think I'll manage it before Christmas alas.
On the home front, everything is well. The children are slowly but surely getting excited about christmas, like so many of you out there, we love it and feel it is a really special time. It's not the present giving, it's decorating the house and making the special food that smells so beautifully christmas. Saying that, Andy made the christmas cake last Thursday evening, I came in from being at my knitting circle expecting the house to smell Christmasie, it didn't. Andy had forgotten to put the mixed spice in! I tell you, mixed spice is obviously for me the smell of christmas. We have a cunning plan, we will dissolve the said mixed spice in warm brandy and then drizzle it over the cake. Do you think it will work? I'll let you know.
Have a fantastic week, and to all you makers out there, be productive and don't panic. xxxxx


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Annie.. how nice to see you back again!
My oh my you have been busy haven't you!?
I think your dolls are absolutely gorgeous.. and can see that an awful lot of time, love and hard work has gone in to each doll.I particularly love Betty Buttons. No wonder you have been absent. I do empathise about commission charges.. they do sting! Brewery Arts is a fabulous craft centre.. I am not familiar with Just Maud.. maybe I can persuade my beloved to take me there on Saturday.

Holly Woods said...

Hi annie,
Are you doing any of your sculptures?
I have long admired the cat one you showed many posts back.
I think you had it in your bathroom or kitchen.
please contact me to discuss further.

the flour loft said...

Gorgeous dolls annie... love them all but especially Madam Butterfly. Did you get some boxes for them? I know exactly what you mean about the commission/mark up... it does make it very hard for us makers. The London connections sound promising... maybe you need a shop with similiarly priced high end crafts and/or antiques.. the dolls truly are unique and so special.

About the mama/work/life balance... no advice there i'm afraid as i am the same as you.. juggling and hoping none of the balls fall! Have given up trying to achieve 'super womanship'though... I cut myself some slack when i can and am much happier.
Your description of your family Christmas preperations sounds lovely especially the brandy drenched cake! Yum!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Annie,
As a doll maker and a mum myself, I know exactly how you feel!! It's so difficult to juggle everything isn't it? Have you thought about selling your amazing dolls via your blog?

I have just looked through your older posts - you have such a beautiful country kitchen!
Best wishes,

Mary said...

Love the dolls and I'm not really a dolly person I hope you manage to sell some.

cd&m said...

Your dolls are beautiful and you've done so well getting two in a window for Christmas. Don't worry about the price, the shop owner knows what she is doing and most crafter's undervalue their work. Take a look at the prices that The Magpie and The Wardrobe charge foe a start then take a look at Tobias and The Angels Christmas decoration prices I'm sure you'll feel more confident after that. Notice that Niki suggested you offer some for sale through your blog, why not give it a go? You could try Etsy as well, you'd need to promote lots but some bloggers are hugely successful on Etsy. Also Phyllis of Shabby in the City is hosting a virtual blogging craft fair on Friday all you have to do is post your creations here and let her know check it out at
Best of luck! Oh and it's jolly good to see you posting again I've missed you.

Gena said...

Hi Annie! your girls are fabulous! am going to drop you an email later,bye for now xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Annie, your dolls are superb! I hope the girls in the shops sell - but why don't you sell them direct through your blog? I'm sure they'll be snapped up!

Tracy said...

i would have been so proud to have displayed your girls in my shop - and as a crafter myself i was never mean regarding commission!
good luck with them - i am sure they would sell quickly via your blog x
tracy x

Sandra Evertson said...

Your dolls are Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

Mary said...

Annie I think the dollies are divine and you really should consider selling online - people who can't get to the shops over there could then perhaps purchase.
They certainly have a different look about them from any I've seen here in the US.

Anyway, good luck, try to relax a bit now before the Holidays really start to rev up and keep us all much too busy!!

oldflowers4me said...

your dollys are sweet divine.