Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Dear Bloggers, I'm afraid to say it's happenin again! My post Christmas blues. Try as I might, they decend on me as sure as christmas itself. Everything was great until Monday arrived and the children returned to school, maybe the alarm call at 6am set the blues cogs whirring or was it the fact I have to find my way back to where I was before christmas, I do lose my momentum and it is hard work to find it again, but find it I will - I have to...........Anyway, today is Wednesday and the fog is lifting a little bit, I spent the day with my friend Lianne which is always a tonic and helps me laugh at myself and put perspective back in to my little world.
Talking about friends, tonics and all that, I would like to mention one member of our blogging community who has become just that to me. The wonderful Michele, who kindly bestowed upon me the ' You're An Amazing Blogger' Award, not deserved me do think but very much appreciated. Michele has a lovely warm blog which has a charm of it's own, and I have found her very supportive and eager to share her knowledge of being a maker and seller. Thanks Michele, your an asset to this blogging community. Michele is at COWBOYS AND CUSTARD, sorry, I don't know how to do links but shall endeavour to put her blog address on my favourites so you can find her.
I am afraid that the award has come with the forfeit of seven random facts about myself, so here it goes, don't get too excited!

1. I trained to be a peer supporter for MOBS ( mothers offering breastfeeding support) I thought this to be important as there was no such support for me when I was a new mother embarking on the fabulous but complicated and sometimes extremely painful decision to feed my new baby. A very rewarding experience, and I got to cuddle all those lovely new babies!
2. I love birds and always have from a young age. I was a member of the RSPB young ornothologists club and went bird watching with my father, how geekie is that? my love of drawing came from this time when I would just draw birds.
3. I am a firm believer in fate and on numerous occasions have made decisions based on this. For example, in May 2006, the last of my beloved cats,Margo, who was eighteen, deaf and having three legs was sadly coming to the end of her life. We had seen her and her sister coming in to the world, the thought of being without her was impossible to imagine. The next day, Sarah phoned, a friend I see now and again and I told her my sad news. Sarah told me her brothers cat had given birth at that time when Margo was leaving us. I felt this was fate and that we were meant to have one of the kittens, the decision was made and a few months later Rufus and Mildred were ours.
4. I do not drive. I passed my test first time round
in 1990 but lost confidence and interest in driving. I always think when the need takes me, I will have a refresher course and give Andy a break from his chauffering duties, but it ain't happened yet....
5. I have two hidden talents that I pull out of the bag if need be i.e. at drunken parties. I can touch my nose with my tongue (attractive and demour!!) and I have funny hands , my fingers bend back too far. Andy says my toes do things they shouldn't too , but I only have his word for that, not something to test at parties ( does this come across rude?oops )
6. I'm really going to sound attractive now!! I have a sizeable bald patch on the side of my head where I was born using forceps. The hair never grew but luckily I was blessed with more than my fair share of hair so the curse of my birth can be easily hidden or atleast until a drunken party where I could reveal this quirk, it's a winner!
7. Last but not least, I have a false eye, ONLY JOKING!!!! I'm trying to think of something really attractive to say about myself, mmm, can't, so I will tell you about my attraction to Mr. Johnny Depp. I must tell you that I feel that fate cast it's wicked spell again. A few years ago I had a milestone birthday. Nothing special was planned other than going over to Wales to meet up with friends. We decided to meet in a little real ale pub in the middle of nowhere. It was a cold January evening and there was a fabulous old worn windsor chair in the corner by a very inviting fire. I made a bee line for this cosy scene
and made myself at home. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? are you gripped? I shall continue. The evening passed gently and pleasantly and the warm ale went down a treat. Andy went up to the bar, I could see the inn keeper being very animated telling Andy some yarn and pointing in my direction. Andy returned with a big smile and informed me that only a week earlier Mr. Depp had sat in that very spot on that very chair!!! How cruel fate can be, why then and not now I moaned, how sweet it could have been, but I still got a massive thrill and a lovely memory for my milestone birthday. If you saw where this pub was you would wonder how on earth he came to be there, but thats what makes it magic .
Well, thats it, hope your not all bored senseless. I shall return soon with my caption giveaway. I shall retire now and let my thoughts wonder to an old worn chair in an old worn Inn deep ( or should I say Depp?) in the middle of nowhere, sigh.......xxxxxxxxxxx


Gena said...

Oh I know how you feel Annie! I wish we lived closer then we could be blue together! I blame it on the long dark days, but soon it will be springtime, chin up sweetie!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Annie.. so much to say to you but maybe not here.. It would take up too much space.. but I will say.1. Thank you so much for your warm words.. I have been given treasures beyond my dreams by writing a blog and one of those treasures is your friendship..
2. We have lots in common... winter blues, driving.. or not, firm belief in fate...
I hope your cloud passes soon and the hope of Spring brings with it some laughter and light into your days..
Love to you

buttercup & roses said...

I suffer with the winter blues to, I just cant wait for Spring to arrive!
I loved your list of funny things about yourself, it really made me giggle.
Thanks for cheering me up, Jennifer x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Annie, what an incredibly small world. I came to your blog via Michele at cowboys and custard and guess what, I moved from Stroud and to Wales! I miss Stroud occasionally, but visit friends often enough to remind me why I fell in love with the wilds of mid-Wales (too many mini-roundabouts popped up in Stroud a few years ago and I did a runner!). I do the winter blues thing (most of the year) and use a light box during the winter months ~ it helps me.
Anyway, I love your blog and once my gorgeous husband has worked out how to put links to other blogs on my blog page, I will add a link to yours. Best wishes, Liz

bj said...

oooo, Annie...just to think YOUR butt sit on the same spot as Mr. Depp's butt just sends shivers all over me, girl !! GOOD GRIEF...We do have something in common...worship of Mr. Depp.
oh, and don't you totally love Michelex at Cowboys and Custards? I get such a laugh and good mood from her delightful blogs. I also love Mr. Nicholas Cage and her chance meeting with him in her sick state made me laugh for days and days. She is a hoot and a cutie. Of course, you know that I have grandchildren as old as Mr. Depp and Mr. Cage but I do enjoy them both as actors. I do want both their autographs to frame and hang on my wall because my grandkids would think that was soooo cool !! haha
I hope your blues are gone now and light is back in your heart.
Thanks so much for your kind and warm words and for taking the time to stop by my space. Please come back soon.
hugs, bj