Sunday, 20 January 2008


Good evening! Atlast I have found the time to fit in a blog, and today (drum roll) is my very first giveaway. It's to celebrate a couple of things, I do believe I'm coming close to my fiftieth blog and I have recently celebrated my Birthday, what better excuse do I need. I had planned a caption challenge using a photo that I thought perfect, but came to realise it was a bit too much like hard work, so, I shall put the names of all who leave a comment on my blog into a hat and get one of my lovelies to do the honours. This will happen on Sunday 27th January.I have put the photo at the bottom of this post, I think it says it all....
The giveaway is one of my 'Rufus' linen cats that I made just before christmas. You will also see from the pic that there is a lovely painted china cup and saucer from my collection of many, some vintage lace and buttons and a lovely vintage postcard of cats doing domestic duties. Also, I've put in a reel of 'East of India' ribbon, not vintage but very lovely and darn useful. Just a few things which show the sort of things I like, I hope you like too.
It's been quite busy here, children settled back into their school routine and me finding my rhythm again after the christmas spell. I must say, I'm feeling very positive about 2008, good things already coming our way. Lets hope this continues aye?
I've been working on a couple of dolls, 'Pandora the Pug lover' and 'Let them eat cake'. I've also been getting my ideas together for a textile exhibition I've been asked to take part in which is in May. I want to base the work on old circus acts and vorderville, we shall see how it goes.
I think I need to go now, you would giggle if you could see me, our stool for sitting at the computer gave way under the strain a few days ago (too many pies!) and now I write my blog while sitting gingerly on George's big orange space hopper, very comfy but I feel very silly and I'm getting a bit of a crick in the neck. Please leave a comment and if you can think of anyone who would like my giveaway, do let them know.
Have a good evening, Annie x

Isn't she a scream?


Gena said...

Hello Annie! what a delightful post! I am greatly cheered a)by the picture of your gorgeous kitchen and b) at the thought of you blogging on a spacehopper! LOL!and yes I agree that final pic,she is a scream, but a little treasure!the giveaway is a lovely idea, fingers crossed, hugs,Gena xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Annie
This post is the best possible start to my day.. it is 6.30 a.m and very dark outside and what am I doing...???? I had such a smile and a laugh at your description of your new perch....very surreal but very funny and probably quite comfortable for a while.
I might have some circus items for you if you let me know what you need.... just drop me a line or call me..
Lovely to hear things are going well... and look forward to your textile exhibition.

Lucy Bloom said...

Ooh what a wonderful giveaway, too good an opportunity to pass up! If you pop to my blog, I'm having a giveaway too, you are very welcome to enter!
best wishes,

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hello Annie,
I think Poppy is thinking,'Never work with children......or er children....sooooo unprofessional !!!'
I think your give away is gorgeous and the thought of you blogging on a spacehopper has suitably lifted my spirits enough to cope with all this rain !!!
I covet your wonderful home as usual,you have great flair.
Hugs Kat xxxx

Anonymous said...

An orange space hopper sounds like a wonderful "computer chair", whenever you need an eyebreak you can just hop off round the room!Hope that you had a really lovely birthday.

jules said...

hi annie, the chair I am using at the moment is an old dining room chair and is hard as a rock a space hopper would be a welcome resting place right at this moment but I'm not sure balancing and typing would make a good combination, I know my limitations and circus tricks don't come into the equation. Love the picture at the bottom, what is it they say every picture tells a story(the mind boggles) what is she thinking about?.
Love the idea of your giveaway, I haven't joined in anything like this so far so I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Emma Herian said...

Hi Annie
I am new to your blog, but may I say what alovely one it is at that!
The photo is simply sweet, what goes on in their little minds, should we really know!
I am working on some new textile pictures for the May festival here, I have decided to go along the lines of childrens books but i love the idea of circus. Good luck!
Your puddy's are cute too! I think a space hopper sounds like a great idea - you are doing exercice at the same time!!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Annie, Michele sent me over to say hello! I'm glad I did, what a lovely post! Happy nearly 50th blog post too.

Mary said...

I am laughing at the idea of you posting on a spacehopper! Finally I'm getting rid of the January blues and back to blogging Your giveaway looks lovely

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Annie,

Your cats are stunning! Just wanted to say hello as I am new to all of this. I'm also in Gloucestershire too Jackie x

Sunflower said...

Hello Annie....
Your blog is so delightful and funny! Reminded me of a story my husband and I wrote together about how we made cake fabric! We made a cake mix and added it to fabric, so the fabric smelled like cake! It's a very funny story./I love the little girl's expression! A true princess!
Love your blog; will visit again, soon!

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling girl- how cold has it been in england- im just making a pot of tea grab a cup and i shall share-your world looks divine- singing and dancing la la love jo.

Anna said...

Its my first time stopping by your blog and I must say you have a lovely one. I enjoyed my visit. I will surely bookmark it for more visits in the future.