Tuesday, 11 March 2008


As you can see! didn't know how to change this pic but thought it was apt. I would love to offer you some topsy turvy tea and welcome you in to my topsy turvy world.
I have some pics to share with you or should they be confessions of how much needs to be achieved before June. I hope the after pics are a darn site better. Anyway, pick up your tea and follow me........

This is my 'Wren House', my work room. We shall leave the door firmly shut and save that pleasure for another day :(
My potting area at the bottom of my work room.

Halfway down the garden, where's the colour?

The bottom two terraces, MMmmmm, diggin and turfin is needed here.

Looking towards the house and workroom from the middle terrace. Oh my word! I feel a panic comin on.........
Finally, our sad little pond, the shame of it.

Do not despair dear readers! for I'm sure, by June we will have a garden to match this one, Monet's wonderful garden in Giverny. I've been here, a devine place. Don't you love that green?

Besides freaking about the garden, I've been doin a bit of this.......

Some sorting through my bits of fabric...........

And some felting.
What I am having to do is muster up as much belief and faith that great things can be achieved on limited time and budget. There's nothing quite like a challenge to get the blood circulating,lol.I will post the before pics of my workroom soon, hope you've got the stomach for it?
Best Wishes to you all, have a lovely day. Annie x


Gena said...

Hi Annie! I know how you feel! so much to do!lovely pics though, and I would love to be sitting in your lovely kitchen,drinking tea with you in your topsy turvy world! xxx

Mary said...

Oh I know how you feel I go out to do something in the garden and it starts to rain!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Annie - I'm sure you will wonders - it's the creativity, not the money that transforms it! You are lucky having a work room - looking forward to a peek inside soon.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Annie, if only gardens would tidy themselves, it seems to take so much time to keep them in order - time that could be spent crafting! I'm always torn between all the things I should be doing and what to do first. Anyway, it's still too cold and wet to be worrying about the garden ;)
Lucy x

cd&m said...

Well I think it is all quite charming and I'm v much looking forward to seeing more.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am green with envy Annie.. you have your own workshop! I have a kitchen table that I share with breakfast, lunch and dinner plates!

I think your home and garden is enchanting and I can see you have been very productive.

Would love to chat again one day.
All best wishes.