Sunday, 9 September 2007


Arn't flowers wonderful ? more and more as I get older I seem to fall under their spell and am amazed by how seductive they are, not only to bees and insects but to us humans too. I haven't as yet met anyone who hasn't fallen under their charms, wheather it be as a love token, for their beautiful perfume or the part they play in producing food. Look at these beautiful flowers, they are growing on our butternut squash plant, and look what they turn into, a squash!

Now you may think that we named Poppy because we love Poppies, well, yes I do, but no, I feel that fate played a part in this. You see, Andy, Pop's dad loved the name but I was not sure, may sound strange, but I just couldn't imagine the name growing with her, I could only see a Poppy as a cute little girl but not as a young woman or old lady, I was not buying it.
One sunny Saturday morning in early July I went into labour. I can remember standing at the kitchen sink gazing in to the garden trying to breath through the pain, when something caught my eye, there was a beautiful pink Poppy bobbing in the breeze, all on it's own. It hadn't been there when we went to bed and there had never been Poppies there before. FATE I told myself, how could she be anything else. We still have that beautiful Poppy pressed intoan old ' Hutchinson Encyclopedia', our name. It's one of my most cherished things and I think Poppy will enjoy the story of how she got her name.
Poppy starts school on Thursday, she starts a new adventure, without me. I thought I would make her a kit bag using odd bits of material to make her name and ofcourse flowers are used, she'll know it's hers, Mammy always gives her flowers, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEnjoy baby girl.
P.S. I was watching the news one evening, a wonderful sweet 80 year old was being interviewed, her name came up as Poppy. I smiled to myself, my fears were very much unfounded. xxxxxx


cd&m said...

Good luck to Poppy on her first day at school I'm sure she will be the envy of all the other little girls with that lovely bag of hers.

Mary said...

Hello Annie - thanks for visiting me ACROSS THE POND. I'm enjoying reading back through your blog too - you have a great way of writing and a nice sense of humour. Your children are so neat and I just know that adorable poppet Poppy is going to love being in school.
I have friends in Prestatyn but have to admit I've never visited Wales - they come to Devon when I'm home visiting! Hope to see the beautiful Snowdonia region some day.
You and Andy seem extremely good at baking cakes - glad you have mixer now!
Take care, and hope the sun shines there soon. We need rain desperately so will you send some this way please.

jules said...

The sunflower is lovely, it was the flower I chose for the front of my website and blog as when we first moved to france the fields were full of them. They look amazing when grown on mass. I still get excited when I drive around a corner and see a whole field of them swaying. But then I am easily please. love reading your blogs keep it up


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I love that story,your little girl is as beautiful as a flower and I love her new bag too,pop over to my blog to pick up your award for making me smile.
Kat xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely story. It's so nice that flower names are popular again - I had two Great Aunts called Lily, another was Petal & then there are the Rose, Daisy, Violet etc. They were always thought "old fashioned" until recently.

Good luck to Poppy at "big school"

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