Saturday, 1 September 2007


Hi there, I've just discovered that I've been tagged by Kat (kat-in-a-flap), it's called 'The Name Game' where I have to use the letters of my middle name to describe things relevant to myself. It's not easy is it?I don't have a middle name, so I shall use the middle name of one of my best and oldest friends (i've used it before in other tight situations, but we wont go into that...)
L.ayers - I always wear layers of clothing, I have gained the name of "Annie two skirts" from some and it has been commented on many a time. I just love mixing different textures and colours and I'm always prepared for our British climate.
E.ngland - I have lived in England now for 21 years (!!!??!) I came to study sculpture back in 1986 and have been longing to return to my beloved homeland ever since, that being Wales. Don't get me wrong, I love where I live, it's very beautiful, but I have to have my fix of the Welsh mountains. I shall go back , I have a cunning plan..........
A.llergy - I have an allergy to eggs. I hear gasps from all the cake lovers out there, do not despair, for I can partake of various spongy delights, but the cakes have to be well baked, I cannot eat meringues ,moose or anything like that. I can tell now by the texture and smell of a cake if I can eat it or not, and if I'm in doubt I don't risk it, the consequences are too great.
Last week, Andy was making carrot cake, I walked into the kitchen, in a bowl was what I thought was the lemon butter icing for the top, I don't know why I did it! I'm usually Miss Paranoia when it comes to mixtures in pots, but before Andy could stop me, I put my finger in and put it in my mouth. He told me it was raw cake mixture, I ran to the bathroom and did all I could to remove any trace of the mixture, immediately I could feel my throat thickening, I tell you, I was scared. I had the biggest dose of Piriton I could have and waited.I took my mind off it by cleaning the bathroom (that is bad). Thankfully, all I received were stinging lips and mouth, I won't do that again!
H.air - I have mad hair. I started going grey at the age of sixteen, an inheritance from my mother, THANKS MA! As a child I never had my hair cut and it was very long, at fourteen I decided enough was enough and got it cut to shoulder length. When I got home, as you do, I washed all the products out of my hair. I remember being in my room and catching sight of myself in the dressing table mirror, had the shock of my life, my hair had gone incredibly curly!On showing my mother she calmly said," oh yes! you had curly hair when you were little". We didn't have any photos of me as a baby( I always thought this funny...) and my hair was sooo long it only had a slight wave in it, so I never knew.
Now my hair is 98% white, so i've been told, but, with the help of a fantastic hair salon, I choose to cover up this fact, for the time being anyway.
There you go, strange but true. I believe I am supposed to tag four people now, thing is, I think all the bloggers I visit have been tagged, so I will say, If you visit my blog and leave a comment ( you watch, I wont get any comments now will I, come on girls you know you want to really!)Your tagged! TTFN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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