Monday, 17 September 2007


Hi there everyone! well I must say, it seems like such a long time since my last post, I have been a tad pre-occupied. As some of you know, it was a big day last Thursday. Can I just take some time to thank all you lovelies that left kind comments for Poppy in her new adventure, it was very comforting to me too, it was lovely xxxxxxxx When we awoke that day we were greeted with this lovely view. The mist had settled down in the valley and it truly felt like the first autumn day, I just had to capture it, and the smell! you know the smell I mean, the fresh earthy one that nips at your cheeks.
Here's my baby, looking so grown up in her school uniform, look at the shiny shoes! look at that grin! she was so excited and skipped down the road with me and Andy.
This is outside the reception waiting to be collected, Poppy is with two of her old chums, boy, they were excited! I was fine at this point and thought that maybe I had done enough crying over this, but alas, when they went in, hand in hand I crumpled, it was quite funny really:) I put my sun glasses on so Poppy wouldn't see her silly mammy crying and they steamed up, I couldn't see a thing!

It's been fine since, but Pops seems so incredibly tired, I suppose it's all the excitement and being with a bigger group of children.

We had a relaxing weekend. It was a neighbours 40th Anniversary and they asked if we would make one of our chocolate cakes. The writing's a bit ifie, but it was a bit early in the morning. Andy also made a carrot cake for Julian as payment for giving George guitar lessons ( he doesn't want money, he prefers baked payment) and one for us too. So yet again it was a cakey weekend ( definately comfort food ).

I must say, I have lots to tell you about, but at the moment I don't know where the time is going. I hope to catch up on things and show you the doll I am making, I need the feedback, to see if they are worth doing. I also need to do my Hobby Horses if I intend to get some ready for Christmas.

I recieved my very first award it's the ' YOU MAKE ME SMILE AWARD', from the lovely Kat (kat-in-a-flap) I'm afraid I haven't managed to drag it over to my blog yet :( but I'll keep trying!I do believe that I am to pass this on to bloggers that make me smile too, this would have to be each and every one of you lovelies that take the time to visit and say hello to me, it makes my day.


Mary said...

That choc cake looks fantastic yum!

Jorja's Nanna said...

Just discovered your blog via Mary (Contrary) Poppy is so cute in her uniform. She reminded me of when mine first went to school. I know the feeling so well of leaving them at school for the first time. They suddenly look so grown up in school uniform, I think that is the reason we have a little cry.
I'll be back to visit again soon.

cd&m said...

Poppy looks adorable, so pleased that all went well. Cakey weekens sound like just our thing.

Gena said...

Oh its such a wrench when they first start school! but I think we suffer much more than they do! your cake looks yummy! and carrot cake is my absolute favourite food in the whole wide world! I could live on it! do you have a preffered recipe? or is it a secret!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Congrats on the award - it's well deserved.

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi Annie,
Poppy looks gorgeous in her uniform,I hope she will continue to do well and be happy.Johnathan fell asleep on the lounge floor watching TV on his very first day at school.
I would always be interested to see anything you are planning to sell,I much prefer my kids to have traditional toys and if your beautiful cat sculpture in an earlier blog is anything to go by,I am sure your doll and Hobbyhorses will be fantastic,put me down for one of each !!
Your cake looks lovely too.
Best wishes to you and especially Poppy and George for their new terms.
Kat xxx

jules said...

I think we all cry when they first start school, things no longer seem under your control and you feel that you can't protect them when they are away from you. But she looks so happy and with such lovely cakes to come home to who wouldn't. I have only ever brought carrot cake never made it, is it easy?