Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Every year in my home town we have ' The Open Studios' where artists and craftspeople open their homes and studio spaces to the public, this is over two weekends at the beginning of June.We have a wealth of creative people in this town and it is unbelievable but true, some roads have artists and craftspeople virtually every other house! I love the time of the open studios, it's great to see the work and meet the makers and the nosey side of my nature enjoys seeing how they live.
One such artist is the lovely Kate Loveday. Kate paints lovely still life and flower compositions that would fit in to any environment, they are easy to live with.I purchased my first painting from Kate last year, at the site 06 open studios, it's called ' Favourite Jug' and it had to be mine.
In May, Kate informed me that there would be an article in ' The Country Living Magazine' about her and the open studios. I love getting this magazine and consider it a real treat to thumb through a new one, in peace with a hot chocolate. On getting the June issue, much to my delight, there was the promised article, but even better, there was MY JUG! sat on the shelf where I had found it a year earlier. Silly me, I didn't realise that the articles are planned a year in advance.
Andy informed me that this would be the nearest I would get to being in 'The Country Living' magazine, HARSH! HARSH! A girl can always dream............
This year at the site 07 open studios, yet again, I purchased a Kate Loveday delight called,'Green figs on a red cloth', I haven't a pic of this one, but it hangs at the top of the kitchen stairs. It might turn up in ' Period Living' next year, who knows :)

I just had to show you the picture Poppy did of a robot, Isn't it great!
Have a great week, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Tracy said...

ohh - not sure if i like the jug or the robot best x
tracy x

jules said...

great picture, how I wish I was clever, arts & crafts are not my thing as much as I love looking at the lovely things everyone else makes I am useless at that sort of thing. lucky you surrounded by all this talent.

jules xx

Gena said...

Oh how lucky you are to live in such an area! its like a cultural desert here! LOL! we are kindred spirits Annie, I live for country living magazine, it can keep me entertained for weeks! The picture of the jug is lovely, but that robot! wow for a child Poppys age it is amazing! another artist in the family perhaps?

Country Cottage Chic said...

The jug & the robot are real works of art!

the flour loft said...

A beautiful painting but i do love the robot.
ginny (dreaming of having an open fire!)

Anonymous said...

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- Laura