Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I'm afraid I'm having a few teething problems with my blog, have lost two blogs that took an age for me to write so am reluctant to write very much until problem has been sorted. Thought I would put some pics of some corners and cupboards in my house, then try and post, wish me luck!
Do you like Emma Bridgewater? I love her bird and animal series.There is a story to be told about the little painting above the smeg, hope I can tell you someday soon, a little clue,' Country Living', May or June issue.

I love my old meat safes, discovered these in a cellar of a house my friend Lawrence had bought. I made some decorated bathroom cabinets in exchange for these two beauties, they took some cleaning and stripping I can tell you.


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

I love Bridgewater china,I don't own any but I lust after a lot of it on e bay !!!!
I love the exposed brickwork in your kitchen it's the perfect backdrop for your meat safes,I can see you worked hard to restore them.
How is Poppy getting on at school ?
I sometimes take 2 hours to write my blog and all that photo dragging......I'd give up if I lost a long post,hope you get it sorted.
Kat x

cd&m said...

Hope your blogger problems get sorted soon, love the meat safes and Bridgewater I especially like the Robins for Christmas. Whoops did I say Christmas. Well hush my mouth!

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Dear lovely Annie,thanks for your visit,it was my mum and dad with the patch !!!!I told Kari to cheer her up !!LOL
My Dad used to pick up mums handbag and do a funny walk with it after that episode and say in a funny voice"Ooh seems like a nice boy,"
He used to have us in stitches and I remember he was scared he would get man boobs for ages afterwards !!!!
Thanks for your good wishes,Kat x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love EB china too! Your cupboards look lovely & your china collection is wonderful.

Kari said...

Wow - I love your house. I've been scrolling up and down your blog for a few minutes here - it's all so lovely!

Thank you so much for your comment regarding my menopausal meltdown (I'm ashamed to say I'm just about positive it won't be my last, unfortunately). But menopause aside, I'm always thrilled to see a comment from someone new! I've become quite enamored of meeting people thru my blog. It amazes me that I can "converse" with someone half-way across the world on a daily basis! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. I'm sure I'll be back. Over and over and over again. lol

Gena said...

Oh I love EB! and I love those meat safes, however the thing I really envy in those pics is that smeg fridge!!!! Oh I would love one!

French Knots said...

I love EB but only have a few pieces, have to save up for some more. I also like her husband's work and have some of his cake tins. Love the meat safes!

Mary said...

Love the old meat cupboards. Hope you have sorted out your blog problems Mary