Tuesday, 17 July 2007

About A Boy

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special person, this is George Dylan, my boy.On seeing the few blogs I have written, George asked me why there was nothing about him on there, the truth of the matter is that I could write a novel on the twelve years we've shared with this boy, and I've been building up to it, so here goes.
George is the kindest, gentlest person you could wish to meet, yes, I say this as his proud mother, but truthfully, if you met him you would agree.
You see, George has not had an easy time of it, complications were noticed at the age of fourteen months, and it was'nt until he was four that a diagnosis was made. Basically, George was hearing too much, Hyperacusis, the consequence of this being that he could'nt talk and carried alot of autistic tendancies.
To cut a long story short, we got George in to a 'Steiner' camp hill school called ' The Sheiling School' as a day pupil, and he has'nt looked back ever since. He has such an enthusiasm for life and loves meeting all sorts of people. He amazes everyone with his ability to remember dates and can tell you what happened on a particular day, years previously!
It has to be said that he is hypersensative emotionally, add that to premature puberty( George looks sixteen ) some days can be a bit challenging, but we would'nt change him for the world and his little sister adores him, they make such a funny pair!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Annie-welcome to blogging!! Hope you enjoy it, it gets easier as you get into it! Love all your photos so far too!

heddy said...

greetings George;)
All the way from the USA!!