Wednesday, 25 July 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday we woke to find the sun shining and not a drop of rain to be seen. Things seem so much better in the sunshine don't they?While having breakfast we listened to the local radio station to find out if we are losing water-reality check, but no, not yet.
Andy went off to work in Gloucester carrying his lunch and eight pints of water, myself and the children planned our day together.Before anything else I needed to do our laundry, normally not something i'm desperate to do but hey, it's amazing what the threat of no water for two weeks does, and what a lovely day for pegging it on the line. I love washing on the line especially all Pop's little dresses, and you can't beat the smell you get on the clothes from dancing in the breeze.
It's ironic , today we had two deliveries, one being a new hammock with a stand, mmmm , the parcel man seemed to think this would be a good omen, summer had arrived.
The second delivery was our ' The Big Chill' tickets for next week. The festival is held in Worcestershire, currently under water, so dont know what 's gonna happen there
Later myself and the two lovelies decided to take "Doris" into town to collect a few groceries. We love "Doris " there seems to be a big debate in blogland about trollies i.e. cool or not very cool , apart from being a necessity with the hills round here, they've become the thing to have and " Doris" is not alone. The picture is especially for Jayne at ' Posy ' who would love one but I think is a bit unsure how it will be received, Look , how can you resist ?
TTFN, Annie x


Posy said...

Hi Annie,
Wow it's a lovely shopping trolley! Thanks for sharing it with me - I've never seen a wicker one before..umm very nice indeed! x

dottie angel said...

hurrah for your shopping trolly, that is really known as a 'natty little number'...glad i'm not the only one to walk around with a little basket on wheels :)