Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Elizabeth Price 1909 - 2007

Today, I would like to do a post about someone who has been very special to myself and my family. This photograph was taken in 1927 and it's of my great auntie Bett, when she was eighteen. The story goes that her older brother Howell had, whilst walking along the river bank one day, discovered a sack in the water. on closer inspection he found four little ducklings in the tied sack. Without hesitation, he took the ducklings home to be cared for by the family. My auntie was one of six, two boys and four girls. The eldest girl being Gwynneth, my grandmother.
Now, it has to be said, the bond between the sisters lasted more than ninety years. With the exception of Gwynneth, all lived a wonderfully long life ( Gwynneth died aged 38 ). Ronwen died first aged 89, then Ceinwen aged 90, and lastly, on the 2nd of July my dear auntie Bett, bless her, left us to rejoin the sisterhood aged 98.
Now I know you will be all thinking this is a good age, innings etc. but when someone like Bett is in your life, you never want to believe it will ever end. There is so much I could tell you about this simple, funny lady, and one day I will tell you some of the little treasures she has left with me and my sisters deeply inbedded in our hearts. I just want to pay her tribute right now for being the strong matriach, who was there for my mother when things were grim, and making her home one that I shall always aspire to, my love of all things old with history has come from auntie Bett and her sisters, they have played a major part in who I am today.
Though I didnt get to see her very often, I have come to realise these last few weeks how much my thoughts return to her house, Maes -Yr - Onen, in my day to day life.

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heddy said...

I do hope you will tell us some stories about her!!