Friday, 20 July 2007

The end of term Festival with an indoor BBQ :(

' The Shieling School ' Festival has come around once more, this is G.D.'s seventh at the school. I look forward to and dread them all at the same time. I love seeing how much effort the children , co - workers and staff have put in to the Festival for the pleasure of all us parents, but I always cry when we say goodbye to the senior students. There are only seventeen pupils in this fabulous school, it's a very close knit community so when we lose a couple you feel like your losing part of the family.
The up side is that these young adults have been given the perfect grounding to help them through the everyday challenges they will encounter - Not too many we hope.
Anyway, the majority of the festival was to be spent in the hot summer sun, well, we all know what happened next, the most rain in July i've ever seen!So, it was spent indoors, the students taught us some folk dancing moves and each class performed a small piece. G.D.'s class did 'The Blind Men And The Elephant' by John Godfrey, it was lovely.
We later went and had our BBQ in the gym hall while the rain came down in torrents outside. We then collected all G.D.'s work from his classroom before saying our goodbye's to everyone, especially the lovely co - workers who had shared the past year with the children 24/7. Most were going back to their countries to carry on with their studies and their lives.
It took us two hours to get home, a journey that normally takes us half an hour. The floods were incredible! and we kept having to turn round and try another route, but hey, we made it and are comfortably cacooned in our little house, thinking of all the poor people who have not been so fortunate tonight. Hoping you are safe and warm this dreadful night.



cd&m said...

Glad to hear that you got home safely and that was all was well and dry.

Mary said...

have just found you via Sophie Honeysuckle. Understand about the massive cleaning for relatives my mother had white gloves !!