Thursday, 19 July 2007

' The Angel Cafe'

Thought I would write about ' The Angel Cafe ' today. This is where a small group of us meet on Friday mornings, there's a small market where the W.I. have a stall selling cheap plants and cut flowers and a lovely lady called Mary shiner sells bric - a - brac and some real gems can be found on her stall. There is always a lovely atmosphere in town on Friday's , maybe it's the thought of the weekend stretched ahead of us?
Anyhow, we meet in ' the Angel ', we drink our favourite bevvies while the children are offered sugar free lollies and have the run of the cafe and small courtyard garden.

Angie and Joy run the cafe and are mad about angels. There are a few of us in the group who are artists but have found that motherhood has taken priority of late, we saw an opportunity that ourselves and the ladies could benefit from.We asked if we could set up an exhibition based on "Angels", they loved the idea.
This was great for me, because I had'nt exhibited or sold any work for three years!
I loved getting back into my art work, but it was quite difficult at times with looking after Pops and keeping everything together around here, but i enjoyed the challenge .
The result was rediscovering my love for printmaking and incorporating vintage finds into my fabric collage pictures. As far as I was concerned, the exhibition was a success even before the opening day because i'd managed to get enough work together and proved to myself it can be done even under difficult situations.
Poppy starts school, part time , in September ( oohh! my aching heart...) so i'll be able to concentrate on the direction i want to take with my work, wheather it's ceramics, feltmaking, printmaking or china restoration, it could be all of the above, why not? It'll be fun trying. TTFN, Annie x


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

It sounds like a lovely place to be!!!

Gena said...

Hello Annie! thank you for visiting my blog, I really love your blog, I shall add you to my favourites and visit often, How I would love to visit The Angel cafe! I am really big on Angels, its sounds my kind of place !