Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rufus Rhinehorn

This is photo of my boy Rufus, he's half
Abyssinian ( is that how it's spelt ? ) but very Abyssinian in look and personality.
He is fourteen months old and the place would'nt be the same without him or his sister Mildred, can't show you a photo of her yet, she doesn't like the sound of my camera, so i'll have to catch her when she's relaxing.
Anyhow, just a quick preview, shall tell you their story another day.
A quick P.S. from my earlier blog, sorry JANE from "posy" spelt your name wrong xxx


yours truly said...

Rufus is one lovely fellow!

Rufus said...

...He's great.
...And I am Rufus, too. ^^ (I often use nickname: Rufus Abbysinian (I know, I spell it differently))
...Take care.