Sunday, 1 July 2007

At Last....We're off !!!

Well hello there everyone, welcome to my first ever blog. I must say, it's been a bit like pulling teeth, what with not really having a clue as to how I set up a blog and the day to day running of this place, well, anyway I think I've cracked it, and here I am. My blog sat there with just it's name for company for four days while I tip toed around it, but I proudly announced to Andy that five people had visited my blog, he gleefully proclaimed that the five persons were beyond any reasonable doubt just one person, that being, ME. I think I'm in trouble.I think I need a lie down now, but shall try harder next time.
Annie x

1 comment:

heddy said...

here I am, one of your biggest fans!!Better a little late than never. I love your blog!!
Your artwork,photo's, family,home. STYLE all charming!!