Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Busy Hands Make Hours Fly??!!

I've spent the whole of today avoiding something, CLEANING. I'm not talking about the usual type of cleaning that we do on a day to day basis, but the sort you do after a phone call from relatives saying their coming to visit, oooh poo! It's not that I dont want to see them, but my mother is very house proud and would give up the opportunity of a trip out so she can wash her windows, this is not me i'm afraid.

To say our house is eclectic would be a bit of an understatement, but we love being surrounded by all our "things". So, the place only really gets a good going over when we get such a phone call.

It's probably quite funny to the fly on the wall, we're usually quite layed back and do things at a leisurely pace, but on the morning of the visit both myself and Andy run around doing anything that catches our eye (we have been known to put dirty dishes in the cooker before now when the Estate Agent wanted to show someone around, how bad was that! ).

By the time the visitors arrive the house looks glorious, well, we think so, but we could sleep for a week!

I think that i'm trying to say that our house is not a show home, it's somewhere where we can all relax and play and sleep and dream surrounded by all the things that make it "home".


Joana said...

Hi Annie, just to say that your profile views has gone up by one, and it wasn't you. I love the picture for your blog title. Take care, Joana

cd&m said...

Hello Annie, now check your stats because I'm not you, golly that made me laugh just the sort of thing I was doing!
Thanks for visitng us over at
I've put that address in because your blog is only allowing comments from folk with a google or blogger account at the moment
One thing I have discovered about blogging is that you can change this option (don't know how though) so that anyone can comment eg typepad bloggers, wordpress etc. That way you will get more visitors / comments.
By the way our house is just the same and impending visitors always
ellicit a big clean up!