Monday, 13 August 2007

Allotment Love

This is our allotment, which is situated at the end of our road, two minutes from our house. We had an allotment before Poppy was born, but reluctantly gave it up for time was needed for nurturing our new offspring and renovating our cottage. Last September I aquired a new allotment for Andy, stress was getting the better of him with work commitments and the allotment always seemed to do a good job of putting him in a better place. Also, all the organic veg would be a fantastic bonus too. I try to buy as much as I can organically, but find the cost shameful.
I am very proud to show some of the produce collected by Andy yesterday, spinach, onions, beetroot, beans and courgettes that seem grow to giant proportions overnight!We have a store of raspberries and gooseberries in the freezer waiting for me to do something fantastic with them, Oh the pressure! must find some great jam recipies, I've never made jam.....
The great thing about the allotment is that the children can witness how food is produced and how magic it is to be able to go pick some beans and be eating them off the plate at tea time.
As for my man, he's not stressed and it fulfills the hunter/gatherer in him.
What can I do with all those courgettes? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


buttercup & roses said...

You are so clever! growing all that veg from scratch!!

You have inspired me to look into getting an allotment...

Keep up the good work,

Jennifer :)

Gena said...

Hello Annie, thank you for your lovely words on my blog! you are so kind and it seems to me you of all people know exactly what I mean! An allotment! how jealous am I! LOL! I have yearned for an allotment for ages, but they are so hard to come by here, but I love to eat organically and the cost is ludicrous! you must make jam with your fruit, the rule of thumb is 2lbs fruit to 2lbs of sugar,look for the wi website, they usually have great recipes!