Thursday, 23 August 2007

A pre-occupation with food

It seems to be a busy time for us at the moment, and all based around collecting fruit and vegetables. I didn't see much of Andy last night as he marched off to the allotment to collect some veg. He appeared an hour or so later carrying these little lovelies. He spent the next few hours stringing them together, dont they look great?!!
As you can see from the kitchen pic, we do have a bit of a storage issue to address , we have onions hanging from everything!
We, that is, me and the children spent some of the morning picking plums in the garden, there were twice as much again that will be ready on the weekend. I plan to make jam and have picked up a few good tips from the more experienced jammy bloggers out there, thanks Gena at ' These Foolish Things' ( how do you do links anyway?) and Niki at ' Nostalgia at the Stone House'. Wish me luck , TTFN,Annie x


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Annie,it all looks great,I love your kitchen,the onions make a fab display,I miss this kind of thing being a townie,
Kat x

Gena said...

Annie! I swear you are taunting me with your home grown veg!lol! fab kitchen,I dont know how you blogger girls do links, mine is typepad and their is a little box at the top of the typing in field which has a little knot sign, you click on this to insert a link.