Sunday, 5 August 2007


Arn't flowers wonderful!!!I don't know of anyone who doesn't fall under their spell, do you ? Not only are they seductive to all bees and insects, they're seductive to us too.

Look at our Butternut squash plant, the wonderful flowers that are produced and then develop into the squash itself, I think it's magic! and this is something that has really dawned on me since growing our own veg and fruit. We take flowers a bit for granted I think, can you imagine a world without them....dreary.
This is our flower, Poppy. I love poppies as I love many flowers, but it was not my choice in naming our baby girl, I believe fate had a hand to play, let me tell you why.
We were going through the baby name book with George one Sunday, late on in my pregnancy, now Andy is difficult to please when it comes to names, and I was reading through the names trying to stay positive amid the gasps and groans coming from the father. We got to the 'p's, and I was starting to lose the will to live. On announcing Poppy, Andy brightened and said," thats it! it's lovely". Now I had no such certainty rushing through me and all I could think was that I could only imagine a little cute child called Poppy, but not an old Poppy , it was not my first choice that was for sure.
Anyhow, one sunny Saturday in early July, while having breakfast, I started having labour pains. I stood at the sink gazing out of the window onto our garden, breathing through the pains, when something caught my eye. There was a beautiful pink Poppy bobbing in the breeze, I'd never seen one there before and it had'nt been there the day before it must have opened that morning. I thought how wonderful this was and how could I not call our baby girl after this beautiful flower, and so this is how Poppy got her name. We still have that Poppy pressed into an old Hutchinson Encyclopedia, Hutchinson is our surname, it is very precious to me. This sort of thing happens to me from time to time and this is why I believe there is such a thing as fate.
Poppy, my sweetheart, starts school next week so I decided that I would make her kit bag myself, just to feel like I'm doing something positive towards her new adventure without me.Ofcourse flowers were involved yet again, how could they not, it's what she is to me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. I have since seen an eighty year old Poppy and all my concerns were unfounded, she was wonderful and the name does age well.

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