Sunday, 26 August 2007


I would like to talk about my favourite room in the house, our bathroom. I think I have always been pleased with it because it was produced from nothing, that is, it started it's days as a dirty dark coal cellar that showed no promise whatsoever.
I remember all the hard work it took to transform the space, evenings digging the dirt floor up with a pick axe while our little boy watched with wonder. I'd always dreamed of having a big bathroom with a free standing bath and it was very exciting seeing my dream come true.
As you can see from the pics, it's not what you'd call a subtle colour. I went out to buy a beige shade and came back with this Designer's Guild paint, you should have seen Andy's face! but I knew it would be right. We love it and everyone that pays it a visit gasp at the fantastic glow it gives off. It desperately needs redecorating but we want the same colour, we haven't had enough of it yet, if I cant find it I will have to get a colour match done. In the pic with the cupboard, you can see where we have had plaster work done, it REALLY REALLY needs doing!

I don't mind bits of chipped paint, infact it's what I like , but this is going too far. Everything we have in the house seems to come with a story, for as much as possible, we have exchanged or bartered for the things we've wanted or they have come from charity shops or sellers of vintage delights.
The bath is a lovely old french claw footed beauty that we exchanged a french day bed and some cash for. The lovely overmantel I aquired from a friend in exchange for some child care, it's one of my favourite things in the house, it's where I keep my small collection of perfume bottles and there is always an image of my maternal grandmother watching over us, don't know if she would approve?

The last pic is of a ceramic Bast Cat , it is very special to me because it was the last cat I made and I was heavily pregnant with my son George at the time. The cat has spent most of the time in the garden in various positions, lastly used as a monument on my cat Margo's grave before I decided to put it in the bathroom. Andy was a bit unsure, for it was well weathered and a little bit green, I just explained how it was just perfect because of that, he just gave up.


Gena said...

You made that cat? wow! how clever you are! I love your bathroom, I have an old claw foot tub as well, perfect for a long soak! its when I see pictures like this that I have to admit to myself that I will never ever be a minimalist! I love to see homes with this sort of character, its gorgeous!

heddy said...

stopped by your blog today for the first time. I will be back. Simply love and adore the cat on this post..... You made him/her!!!!! and the one in the baby buggy too and Poppy:))