Sunday, 19 August 2007

Bees Knees, Chicken's Elbows, Rasher Winds And Fried Snowballs!!

The rain is falling quite heavily yet again today, it's getting to be a little bit tedious now, don't you think? The children are restless and so am I. What to do? What to do?
When I'm feeling like this I always find it best if I go in the kitchen and make something. It is always to the sound of music, today it's the blues, Billy Holiday.
George had informed me yesterday that I hadn't made a Lasagne for a while, so I decided I would make a pasta bake ( no Lasagne I'm afraid ), it would give me the opportunity to use some of the courgettes that seem to grow like magic beans over the allotment.
I always find that this time in the kitchen always puts me in a better place and the rest of the family, strangely enough, find things to busy themselves too, it's like setting an example.
George without fail, every day, will ask me, " what's for dinner today?" Today I replied with, " bees knees, chicken's elbows, rasher winds and fried snowballs ". When I was very young, under five, a neighbour used to look after me , her name was Magan and her husband was called Cledwin, they used to say this to me and it comes out of my mouth when I least expect it. That old couple are gone now, but their expressions live on. I've never heard it used by anyone else, have you?
Even Rufus has had enough today, he's taken to his bed, or should I say, my basket. Never mind Rufus, tomorrows another day, maybe the sun will shine for us.


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hello Annie,when I read your title I thought you had lost it big time !!!!My dad used to say his job was putting the bend in bananas and bagging fog !!!!!!I love Billy Holiday,especially Just the Way you Look Tonight.
It's raining here to !!!
Kat xx

Gena said...

I like that one! Yes the rain here is unrelenting, Billie Holliday is one of my favourites too!your pasta looks yummy!

cd&m said...

Oh Rufus you have such a great vintage basket as a bed. Oh and my Nan used to say "bread and pull it and see how far you can stretch it", used to drive me crazy!