Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Big Chill

This is Andy at the 'Big Chill' music festival last weekend. Andy and the children had never been to a festival before, and I hadn't been since my late teens, so it was quite a new experience for us as a family. We went with some good friends of ours, Lianne and Rich and their two children. It has to be said, a good time was had by all. the weather was great for us, and it was very much geared to families. We particularly enjoyed taking Poppy to the daily puppet show, I love the traditional puppets and hope to make some some day, but the stories can be a bit savage!
I'm not what you would call a born camper, the first night was sleepless but luckily it was a one off and everyone else slept well.We would have a night cap of hot chocolate with brandy(just us grown ups) and that would set us right for the night.
It's surprising how quickly you grow accustomed to the constant music and sleeping with 27,000 people. It was a welcome break and a great experience for the children, where's the next one? It's a bit quiet round here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Gena said...

Hmm camping? you have pricked my conscience Annie! I promised Lucy that we would camp sometime in the school hols! her big sis is going to Leeds festival soon.