Saturday, 11 August 2007

How green is my valley?

Today on this beautiful summers day I want to write about a part of our house that is very important to us. It's the balcony that we wisely had built three years ago onto our back lounge.As I have mentioned before, our house is on three floors at the back, our lounge being on the first floor and kitchen in the basement.
Needless to say, we thought the back of our house resembled a block of flats while the front looks like a quaint cottage, something was needed! The balcony was just what we needed, and as you can see from my pics, the views are pretty good too.
The picture on the left is the view we have down the valley towards the picturesque village of Slad. this little village became famous for one individual who was born and grew up there and later wrote a book called ' Cider With Rosie ', his name was Laurie Lee.
When we first moved here, I read this book and the books following his adventures in the Spanish civil war, and it made me fall in love with the place. Our elderly neighbour, Mr. Woods told me of some of the charecters in ' Cider With Rosie ' that he knew from his days working in the co-op in the thirties, I loved that.
The balcony has had it's uses in other ways too, great for hanging baskets on and swings to keep the little one amused while we potter.
The last pic shows the balcony with it's awning, don't know why, but it always reminds me of a mad sailing vessel, like something out of Swiss family Robinson, no?oh well, must keep taking the pills...
On the left is "the little wren house factory", my workroom ,it was the old wash house in it's original state. I'll blog about that another time.
Time to go and enjoy the view one more time before making dinner. TTFN Annie x

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Gena said...

Your home looks amazing! and Cider with Rosie is one of my favourite books,I am fascinated that your neighbour remembers some of the people that featured in Laurie Lees book.