Sunday, 26 August 2007


Woke up to this early morning sunshine, the sort that makes you excited about the day ahead, mmmm, what shall we do?We could sit up here , relaxing, enjoying the fine start to the day ?
Naaah, lets go down and make some JAM!!!!!

Oh look , someone's stealing my thunder , should have guessed he would get involved , a sniff of food and he's in there.
Seriously though, it was great fun and we were like small children in a sweet shop when the plums magically turned to jam. Andy said this was our finest hour! I do hope he's joking ( he'll deny it now after all the excitement, tee hee )

Ah look, there they are, all safely tucked up in their bonnets.........
Plumb chutney tomorrow!! xxxx


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Annie,
I think it's great when the fellas help in the kitchen,so much difference to my father,I love your bathroom and can only imagine the work that went into it.I know from experience that a job in an old house is never just a 'job'.
I'm coveting your gorgeous bath !!!
Lovely inspiring post Kat x

oldflowers4me said...

your world looks divine, singing and skiping love jo anderson p.s id love to share a fairy cake with you...

daisy cottage said...

Oh how fun! And how cute those jars are! I am sure your jam is just delish!


cd&m said...

Oooh plum jam - yummy for jam tarts and steamed jam puddings and oh dear now I'm hungry.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I have had a lovely time looking at all your recent photos this morning!!! Your kitchen is lovely!