Thursday, 16 August 2007

The knitting Circle And Other Knitting Tales.

I like to try my hand at different crafts, sewing , rag rugging , felting , I even made a huge crochet blanket as a teenager , but the one that got away was knitting. The reason for this I think was that my Ma was a fantastic knitter and did all our jumpers and cardigans. I think I always felt that it was her baby and what was the point when it was already being catered for. That was until Poppy was born. My Ma could no longer knit due to a touch of athritis in her fingers. Luckily, i had kept some of the little baby knits she had done for my first born.
In February this year, Betty, one of my friends, suggested starting our own knitting circle, just a gathering of five or six to meet in one of our houses one evening a week. I always intended to learn how to read patterns and make something one day, but I hadn't lifted a pair of knitting needles since I was eight, a very long time ago, I was not alone, and we were up for the challenge,and all the goodies we would bring to each circle.
I love vintage knitting patterns and scoured ebay for any that grabbed my attention. A lovely pattern of a childs zipped cardigan came up for auction, and I made it mine.On delivery of the pattern it became obvious to me that it was beyond my capabilities, but desperate to have the little cardigan for Poppy, I set about finding a whizz with the needles. Audrey Mitchell, what a star! lovely retired lady who spends her time lovingly producing beautiful knits, for the cost of £8!
As you can see from the pic she did a grand job, and just in two weeks, I was very pleased, and insisted on giving her more for all her good work.
Meanwhile I started gingerly with a pattern of tea cosies ( I love tea cosies! ) and enjoyed the knitting evenings with my pals, not so much stitch and bitch, more bake and binge!The tea cosy in the pic I've made with left over wool and some of my lovely vintage buttons, also aquired from the wonderful Ebay.
It's a friends birthday, so I decided to give her a cosy, I found a lovely teapot for £4 in an antique shop, there you go, sorted!
I think I must try knitting something a bit more challenging now, there's a lovely little cardigan with ducks on, maybe that? or should I phone Audrey?it's too easy is'nt it!
Thought I would put a pic in of the lovely cupcakes my mate Lianne made for her Birthday, arn't they great colours, very fifties. Lianne is on a baking frenzie at the moment ( it's all that breast feeding! ) she brings all sorts of delights to the knitting circle. I got her the cake stand from the same antique shop, the biggest cake stand i've seen! Keep baking Lianne, I'll keep eating!!! xxxxx


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Wow I love the cardigan and fab tea cosy,I would be over the moon to recieve a gift like that .I love hand knits,my mum is a great knitter and theres love in every stitch,
Hope you are all well,
Kat xx

cd&m said...

Your tea cosy is brilliant, love it.

Priscilla said...

Oh, I am loving the t-Cosy! I always wanted to learn how to knit...maybe now ill have a go. Thanks for sharing xx
Priscilla x

Gena said...

How fabulous is that cardigan! hand knitted is so fashionable nowadays, V cath Kidston! and I am very impressed with your tea cosy, what a lovely gift!